Optional Contest Water Manipulation

The following water manipulation procedure is used for physique competitors. It is optional for you to use and will require you to manipulate your MyFitnessPal targets.

6 February - 1.2 Liters of Water/day (3 shaker bottles worth) for two days

8 February - 2.4 Liters of Water/day (6 shaker bottles worth). Increase sodium intake by 750mg. This is for four days.

12 February - Decrease Water to 1.2L (3 Shaker bottles/day. Increase carbohydrates by 50g. Sodium as close to zero as possible.

13 February - Decrease Water to 600ML (1.5 Shaker bottles) for the day. Keep carbohydrates +50g. Keep Sodium low.

14 February - Weigh Ins. Hydrate as needed afterwards.

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