Gym’s 3 Week 6 pound challenge

You are reading this because you have been making progress in some areas but not in the areas that are important to you. Many of you have gotten stronger, some have a bigger booty while some have reduced their waist and chest size. None of you are rookies to the workout game but all of you would like to breakthrough your current stall spot.

The Challenge

Lose 6 pounds in 3 weeks. The contest will start on Sunday 24 January and end on Valentine’s Day 14 February. Weigh-ins will occur on Sundays with measurements conducted at the beginning and end of the contest. Updates, pictures and news will be shared via Instagram(#gym3week).

There will be a $20 buy-in with the biggest loser taking the pot. I will match funds into the pot and participate as well but won’t be eligible for the pot. Payment will get you your envelope that will be opened on 24 January. The contents of the envelope will give you specific exercise, activity and nutrition tasks that only applies to you based on what I have learned about you from our training sessions.

Where the heck did I come up with 3 weeks and 6 pounds? Healthy weight loss occurs at a rate of .5 to 1.5 lbs per week. I wanted to push the edge in a shortened but achievable contest period to show you what it takes for this level of progress. I know none of you will do anything to artificially inflate your initial weigh in numbers since ultimately it’s about the weight loss and progress; and not the money. The money is the cherry on top. (What was I thinking ending this on Valentines Day?) Keep in mind I will harass you more, correction “motivate and inspire” you more as well as provide additional resources and maybe add some weekend time slots if desired. After this period I’d like us to reflect on whether the “juice was worth the squeeze” and perhaps make more restrictive or relaxed plans for follow on training.

Love All You Guys and Gals!


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